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Well it was a great race to the finish and Dylan Hutchison was in it and fighting to the end completing all 150 laps with the leaders.

Sacramento’s 18 year old Dylan Hutchison would make an awesome qualifying run that put him 8th in the field. It was an incredible effort for the young gun because he’d never driven the car before and it was an equally impressive performance by the Naake-Klauer, Pick and Pull, Smile Office Supplies team.
dylan waltrip 2Dylan was all set to go and very excited about starting next to NASCAR Cup veteran and Daytona 500 Champion, Michael Waltrip.

The young Portuguese sensation, raised in the Sacramento area, had decided early to make some circuits and see what opened up while keeping the fenders on for the first 20 laps. It was laps 20-30 that Dylan knew he was faster than Waltrip and tried to overtake the former Daytona 500 winner. Dylan let Michael know he was faster by putting his Pick N Pull, Smile Office Supplies nose under the Waltrip’s Napa Filters rear bumper several times. He knew Michael was a very savvy and experienced driver because every time he would tap him in the rear, Waltrip was rock solid never losing control. He also understood that he could race the NASCAR veteran hard and it was going to be fun because Michael was able to handle the ‘rubb’n’.

When both approached lapped traffic, Dylan finally made his move blasting by the former Daytona 500 Champion cleanly as the crowd roared. On that lap there was a yellow flag which meant Michael got his position back.

The crowd was on their feet anticipating some real heated action between both drivers on the restart and that’s what they got.

Dylan knew he and his car were better and wanted to dispatch Waltrip’s Napa Filters car dylan waltripquickly before running the tires off. So both drivers raced very hard door to door for a few laps rubb’n until the young gun finally got by the tough NASCAR Cup veteran as the crowd went wild.
Dylan now had Waltrip’s teammate Patrick Staropoli driving the Peak Antifreeze car in the cross hairs and noticed a large gap between 5th and 6th. Dylan didn’t want to be held up so he nudged him out of the way with an easier bump than he did with the former Daytona Champion. Because of Staropoli’s inexperience he had more trouble controlling the car than his teammate Michael Waltrip that Dylan had just passed earlier.

He started to close the gap when another caution flag came out. On the restart they were packed in like sardines.

Michael Self driving the Ace Hardware, Incredible Solutions #21 car raced Dylan very hard around the lap 120 mark. Dylan finally went by when another caution was waved.

Dylan adjusted the car by adding some front brake which turned out to be a bit too much. The young NASCAR driver’s car was now brake tight and shoved the nose in the center of the corner losing forward bite. Because the Pick N Pull, Smile Office Supplies Chevrolet was now brake tight it caused him to give a position back to the 99 car, Patrick Staropoli with a couple of laps to go Staropoli and Dylan would race hard to the finish with Staropoli in the 99 car making it just by him at the flag.

All and all the race was a good one for Dylan and the Naake-Klauer, Pick N Pull, Smile Office Supplies Chevrolet finishing 7th. It was the first time in such a good car and he knew there was more he could’ve done if he had the opportunity in the car more often.

Dylan recorded the fastest lap of all the competitors on lap 40 while racing with NASCAR Cup veteran and Daytona 500 Champion, Michael Waltrip.

Dylan felt he’d used the car up a bit trying to pass the former Daytona Champion which he did twice because of a yellow flag restarts.

Dylan had a great night and the home town fans were going crazy including the city where his Portuguese mother is from !

The Young NASCAR racer is preparing for a big effort next year hoping for a Cup ride.
We all wait in anticipation to see what will be in the cards for the young NASCAR racer next year.
“Special shout to the BMR Motorsports Team for the gracious hospitality, especially Bill. Thank you for organizing such an incredible event. It was a fan-tastic event with car shows, fireworks and lots of hard nose racing.”


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